Monday, July 14, 2008

I can see you

I'm a stalker. Not really in a creepy kind of way, but in a want-to-know-as-much-as-possible-about-people kind of way. This is not really new information to most. I use Facebook to its fullest, Google everyone I get an e-mail from, read gossip Web sites like Perez Hilton and dlisted, and here's the kicker: My favorite reality TV show is Big Brother - the ultimate stalking outlet, where a group of strangers' lives are filmed 24/7 from within a set/house in California. This season, Big Brother 10, began Sunday night, and of course I was glued to my TV, "meeting" the new house guests. Big Brother is broadcasted three nights a week on CBS, but you can watch live feeds at any hour of any day. While I've watched every single season since the first, I haven't given in to subscribing to the live feeds - I think paying to watch people 24/7 might cross that line into stalker creepiness. I have to admit, however, that I do read what is going on on the live feeds at Morty's TV when I have the time. To most, the show is stupid or boring, but to me, it's so interesting to see the interactions between different types of people from different places in the country, of different age groups, who have had extremely different experiences in their lives. Also, it is a competition, so it's fun to watch how people "play the game," whether through alliances or playing it solo, lying or being honest, having a romance (or "bro"mance) or not being friendly to anyone. Everyone has their own strategy - some succeed, many fail. Above all, it's entertaining. And for the most part, it's all in good fun, so isn't that what TV should be about?

On a whole other stalking level, my mom and I went to the Daryl Hall concert last Tuesday night at the Capital One Theater at Westbury aka Westbury Music Fair. Yes, Daryl Hall, as in one half of the group Hall & Oates. No one panic - they have not broken up. Both are just doing a few solo dates playing some songs from their solo CDs and of course, some of their classics. Now, being the Hall & Oates groupies that my mom and I are, we've seen them in concert many, many times over the years. This was the first time we saw one without the other, and I have to say, it was still a really great show. Of course, John Oates was missed, but Daryl played so many obscure songs that I love, but have never heard live, including "When The Morning Comes" and "I'm in a Philly Mood."

The stalker aspect of the evening came after the encore was over and all the applause died down. We decided to go around to the back of the theater and stand with about 10 others by the back stage door. We waited for about a half hour, I said "hi" to Zev, his bass player, and finally I see that full head of blonde hair starting to walk out the door. (He's 62. How does he still have a full head of long hair? Hmm.) Daryl was immediately pushed into his "getaway car" and only gave a quick wave, as seen here by my excellent photography skills. This was the closest I've ever been to him and let me tell you, it was exciting. But, we were pretty disappointed that he couldn't have stayed a little bit, shaken some hands and taken some pictures with the 10-15 people who were waiting to see him. I mean, he's not exactly a new act anymore, and while Hall & Oates is still very popular (we've seen them at sold out shows at the Beacon Theatre in NYC), their fan base is certainly dwindling from what it used to be. He should be thrilled to have fans who want to meet him, and should take a few minutes to at least say "hi." Oh well - it was still exciting, a great concert and a ton of fun. I'm so glad my mom and I are able to do these things together, and I have to say, we've been pretty good at keeping up our stalking abilities through the years. Who knows? You could be the next victim...

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