Wednesday, December 10, 2008

knitting mania

I don't know if you know this about me, but I love to knit. Ok, so it's a little old-lady-ish, but it's relaxing and rewarding. You can lay in bed, watching tv, just knitting away, and after some time, you've handmade a scarf or sweater or blanket. And I love that. Now I am a fairly novice knitter. I've been doing it for a few years, taught by my mom, but I am no where near her skill level. I am a slow knitter, but I have to say my work is quite nice.

My problem is that I get bored. I admit it - I currently have three half-finished scarfs sitting in my knitting bin at home. After a while, I'm ready to start a new pattern - done with the one I've been doing for weeks. I have completed a handful of scarves, but nothing too thrilling. However, last week, I finally finished my first ever baby blanket. It took me two months and one day, but I finished it, and I loved it. It was pink and soft and just delicious (see picture below, with my adorable dog laying on my bed in the background). My mom was concurrently knitting one as well - a similar pattern, with similar colors, but she finished hers in half the time. We made them for a friend of mine at work who is having twin baby girls, and she really, truly loved them. Her appreciation made all the hard work completely worth it.

And now I am on to my next project. Ironically, I began a new scarf, even though the unfinished three lay sadly in my room. Eventually I will finish them all, I promise. I might also start another blanket. We'll see, and I think I'll continue to post my progress on all these projects - it's good motivation.

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