Monday, October 6, 2008

is this me?

Am I sleepwalking, or am I actually sitting at work right now? It's really very hard to tell at this point. After a wonderful weekend at Lehigh, I am left sore and exhausted - I guess I really have become an old lady. I certainly can't keep up with these college kids any more. And simply writing the term "college kids" makes me an old lady. A grown up. Hmm. Not sure how I feel about that. Actually, that's a complete lie. I do know how I feel about it - I feel great. I was never a big drinker/partyer, and never really felt like I fit in at Lehigh. I often tried to make myself love the social atmosphere and lifestyle at Lehigh, and while I fooled myself (and I guess everyone else) for a while, I'm happy to be back to my real self now. Not that I didn't have a blast during my three years in college, or that I don't like to go out at all, but it definitely wasn't really for me in a social sense. I met some amazing friends, had new and fun experiences, and ultimately realized a lot about who I am and who I want (and do not want) to be. It's fun to go back and live that past life for a few days, but I am certain a few days of that is enough for me. Some might say I'm anti-social or boring now, but I've accepted that this is more of who I am. I'm more of a quiet-night-at-home kind of girl than a squeeze-into-a-packed-bar party goer. I prefer small groups of good friends over tons of strangers. I'd take dinner and drinks over clubs anyday. And that's OK with me.

I did have a great weekend though. I missed Katie and Jill so much. Going seven months without seeing them was not OK, and I definitely need to plan another weekend to see them soon. They really are wonderful people, and great friends to me. They are two of the very few people who seem to really "get" me, and I love them for that. It was also really nice to see friends from college who I really don't talk to that often, and hear what they're up to and how they're doing, whether they've stepped into the "real world" or are still doing the school thing getting their master's degrees.

Overall, it was a great weekend. And now I am left absolutely exhausted, but back to work. *Yawn*


trans phatt said...

i really loved seeing you, aimee! lindsay and i talked about how mature you are now, and how you've got such a good head on your shoulders.

please come visit more, and we'll just stay around the house, watch some movies and be grandmas. because that's what i enjoy the most, too.

curleegirlee said...

Aww that is really so sweet! I loved seeing you too, although I wish we could have spent some more time together. It's not too easy for me to get to Lehigh (no train/amtrak), but hopefully I'll be back to visit soon!