Tuesday, November 4, 2008

election mania

We're going to have a new President by the end of the day today. How weird is that? This is really the first election that I've gotten into a little bit, and I have to say I feel a little anxious. I think that is the overall sentiment among everyone today. Our country is in a rough place right now, and things need to turn around soon. Can either of these men do it? I'm not sure. I want to believe one of them could. I want to really believe that either of them could. Anyone is better than Bush, right? But I'm just not sure.

Ready for some vast generalizations? Here we go. I think among young people, Obama is the man. We can relate to him more, he's a great speaker, he represents the change we all desperately want. But is he ready to lead our troubled country? And then there's the older set who generally see McCain as an experienced politician who knows what he's doing. He also represents change, since he is trying to distance himself from the very unpopular George W. Bush, yet he's still a Republican, and he has voted with Bush time and time again. Both want to help our economy, but through different means. Both want to cut taxes, but in different ways. Both have underlying Democratic or Republican ideals, but with their own twists. Both have vice presidential running mates with, in my opinion, more negatives than positives to offer.

Sadly enough I also think race is an issue in this race (no pun intended). Whether they admit it or not, I think there are a lot of racist people in this country. Some may not even consider themselves racist, but have an underlying belief that Obama simply cannot be the leader of our country. I also worry that if he is elected President, that there will be a lot of assasination attempts. Presidents in general are huge targets because there are crazy people in this world, who have very strong ideas and who simply hate "the man." ("Damn the man!!") So with Obama, add the race card on top of the power card, and we could have a major problem on our hands.

Who knows. These are just my very simple thoughts. I don't get crazy into politics. I can't have a heated debate about it. I admittedly don't know where each candidate stands on every single issue. But I just hope one of these men can help our economy, help our environment and ultimately save our country. I guess we'll see tonight! Everyone vote vote vote!

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