Thursday, November 13, 2008

events galore

We had our big annual dinner last night at work. An event like this really reminds me how much I truly love event planning. It was certainly a lot of work and stress the past few months leading up to the dinner collecting journal ads and sponsorships, getting guest names for tables, booking flowers, music, etc. but I just loved being at the event and running the show. I loved getting there early to set everything up. I loved being the "go-to" person for the catering staff at the venue. I loved knowing that I did everything that needed doing, and I was confident in running a smooth, successful event. And that's just what I did. (With the help of the rest of my office, of course. I definitely could not do it without them.)

The one aspect of the event I didn't love was being sick. With so many events the past few weeks, the women in my office are all run down. And on Monday I guess I caught the cold that everyone has. So I have that going for me. And on top of that, it's my bad migraine time of the month. Of course. So I've had three migraines this week between the two huge events we had (last Saturday night was our Alumni Reunion). Not fun. Pretty inconvenient timing if you ask me.

Events like this make up for days when I'm sitting through a less-than-exciting speaker or setting up a conference about subjects I could care less about. This is the kind of stuff I want to do all the time. Going to different venues. Working with catering staff. Planning menus. Making seating charts. Setting up tables. Watching people having a great time. One day it will happen. Just call me curleegirlee, wedding planner to the stars.

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