Thursday, April 9, 2009

take me out to the ball game...

Baseball season is underway! If you didn't know, this makes me very, very happy. Baseball is summer. It's a roast beef sandwich and carvel ice cream in a mini helmet. It's the Mets. And this year it's a whole new ballgame (pun intended.) We have a brand new stadium. And definitely a brand new attitude. This is our season. (Yes, I am taking ownership of the Mets as my team.)

We've started off strong, even with a minor setback this afternoon. And Monday is opening day at Citi Field. I'm really excited, and even though I won't be there, I'll be watching...and most likely yelling at the TV.

I didn't get season tickets, mainly because I don't really have anyone to go to games with on a steady basis, and also because the packages were mighty expensive. But I really want to go to a bunch of games this season, and test out lots of different seats in the new stadium. At Shea, I knew where I liked to sit in a reasonable price range. I was comfortable there. I knew where to park, where to go. I belonged. Citi Field is unfamiliar territory. I don't know where I prefer to sit. I don't know what food to get. I don't know the best place to park. I definitely need to explore. In fact, I can't wait to explore.

So, who wants to go to some games with me this summer?

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