Wednesday, August 20, 2008

abc wednesday - e

This week has gone by pretty quickly - especially in comparison with two weeks ago, which just dragged on and on. So here we are already - time for another round of ABC Wednesdays. This is going to be a short one for me, because I am actually taking part in the International Jewish Bloggers Convention hosted by Nefesh B'Nefesh via live webcast. I'm very excited because even though I don't have a JBlog really, I do read a lot of them and I do write about Israel and Judaism quite a bit on here. So anyway, here's my "e."

E is for...

Epcot! Here is photo of me in front of the famous, giant Epcot dome in Orlando, Florida back in July and a photo I took of the Epcot dome with the fountains on our way into the World Pavilion. Disney World is really such a magical place, and I think Epcot is one of the parks that can truly be enjoyed by people of all ages. My mom and I had a blast there, and we don't even go on too many rides. The World Pavilion is really great to get a taste of so many different cultures. My mom and I literally ate our way through the various countries - big soft pretzels in Germany, Kaki Gori in Japan, chocolate croissants in France. We also went on all the "slow-moving" rides from the Finding Nemo ride to the Norway ride, and even one big ride, Soarin', which was a ton of fun! Overall, Epcot was a really fun day, and I recommend that everyone who is vacationing in Disney in Florida to spend a day at Epcot.

And now, I'm off to join in the JBloggers Convention!


Bear Naked said...

"My mom and I literally ate our way through the various countries"
Great post.
It is very Educational and fulfillingg to try different cuisines from around the world.

Bear((( )))

leslie said...

Oh gosh! I SO want to go there!

Tommy said...

Epcot is a popular E today. Sounds like a fun trip.

D Herrod said...

Very cool. My favorite thing at EPCOT is Soaring. We went for the pass holder preview weekend before it opened. We got to ride it about 5 times in a row.

Erachet said...

What I remember most from the last time I was at Epcot was the imagination ride (with Figment!), the strange ride inside the Epcot dome thing (or was that the same thing as the imagination ride?), and the scary Vikings ride in Norway (I think it was Norway) which was kinda also fun. :)